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Created to celebrate our Oklahoma heritage, we have blended the wonderful flavors of chocolate fudge, Irish creme, hazelnut and amaretto to make one of our most popular coffees.

Now available for sale on online is one of our most popular coffee blends: our Holy Grounds gourmet 89’r blend coffee. This delicious gourmet flavored coffee is a smooth blend of fudge, Irish creme, hazelnut and amaretto. A great way to wake up on the morning or to perk yourself up after a long day, the 89’r blend has been a favorite among our customers.

The 89’r name is a nod to our Oklahoma heritage, but we are happy to ship our 89’r blend of gourmet coffee anywhere in the country. The 89’r blend is available for sale online as ground or whole beans and decaf or regular, and is sold in half-pound or 1-pound bags.

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